Pennsylvania Christmas 2016

We had a blast celebrating Jesus’ birthday with Karen’s family in Pennsylvania. Click here for some of the pictures

Everyone is doing well. The weather was fantastic and the drive was very quiet! I am so happy that Karen and I got to spend the day with her family!

Merry Christmas Everyone!



Hello world!

Karen and I have moved our website hosting provider from to! Globat’s cost has keep going up over the past 13 years and peaked at all most $160. That is way to much for a simple website and email. I searched and found They are very reasonable and so far moving the site has been very simple and easy. I would recommend them if you are searching for webhosting.

As an update I was able to get all of my blog postings from Globat to Ehost with minimal effort. has great support files and FAQ! Very happy with them.


ROCKETMEN at the American Music Theater

We saw the house show entitled ‘ROCKETMEN’ at the American Music Theater in Lancaster PA. It was the final day of the show and we had second row center tickets for the matinée. The seats were great and the show was awesome. Here are the pictures that I was able to take at the show. It featured the songs from Billy Joel and Elton John. The music was fantastic and the audience had a grand time singing along. I would say this was just the thing that we needed to start the healing process from saying good bye to our kitty cat of 17 years. We had a tasty lunch at the Sonic Drive-In in Lancaster and then saw the show. It was a great one day trip. While we were out, our neighbor Chris was able to finish fixing the ceiling from where he had to open it to fix the dryer vent. He did a fantastic job and it looks like it was meant to be there. All in all it was a great weekend and I am so glad that I could spend it with my beloved Karen.

Take care everyone and enjoy the pictures.

Goodbye Kitty

Just a note to say that Trouble Kitty left us this evening. She has been suffering with kidney and liver troubles and earlier this evening she was in respiratory distress and Karen and I said it was time. We want to thank ‘NorthStar Vets’ in Millstone for the care and love they shared as Trouble went to sleep. We both want to thank Margaret for coming and being with Karen. Trouble was the best kitty, she kept the alligators out of the house (that was her job) but she also went beyond the call and caught a mouse in the vent last year. She will be missed but we are glad that she is not hurting anymore.

Goodbye Trouble. You will always have a spot in our hearts.

George Jones in Concert

On Sunday March 29 at 3 PM, Karen and I took her parents, Cork & Inez, to the American Music Theater (AMT) in Lancaster PA. The concert we went to see was George Jones. I remember his music from growing up in central PA and listening to the local county music radio station. He performed for about 75 minutes straight. We were sitting in row D and had a great view of the concert. It was a high energy show with interactions between George and the Band. They did not slow down too much during the concert. Click here for the pictures that came out from the concert. Everyone that was there seemed to be enjoying themselves. There were only about maybe a hundred seats empty in the entire theater. AMT is one of our favorite venues to see concerts. We look forward to getting back there again for another show.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!! We got to go to our favorite Italian Restaurant for dinner. We shared the crab stuffed scallops. Karen had the salad and I had the lobster bisque. We ate half and then switched so we got to enjoy them both. Karen had the lobster ravioli and I had the fillet minion on a portabella mushroom with roasted red peppers. The food was delicious and we totally enjoyed our time out. We brought home dessert. Karen had the Raspberry White Chocolate cake and I had the heart shaped white cake with chocolate cream filling and a dark chocolate frosting. It was also delicious. I am so glad that I could go out with my beloved darling. I was able to sneak her tulips and a purse for Valentine’s Day. It was a great day and we got to be together all day.

God Bless

Florida Was Great!!!

We had a great trip to Florida this year. We took my sister Donna with us. We were able to visit with my grand-niece Heather who is working a semester at Disney.

The weather was a bit cooler than usual. Lows got down in the upper twenties. We relaxed at the condo. (We had a different condo as our unit was being renovated). We were able to get to the Zoo at Sandford and the ‘Old Senator’ at Big Tree State Park.

There were a lot of great meals eaten out and cooked at the condo. The weather for the ride was great both ways. We stayed in Florance SC on the way down and in Stafford VA on the way back.

Everyone arrived back home safely and very relaxed. We are looking forward to our next trip.

Take care and God Bless

Happy Birthday Dad

On Saturday July 26th we gathered together to celebrate Dad’s 80th birthday. Click HERE for the pictures that Karen and I took while at the party.

Dad’s brother Howard, sisters Peg and Doris, Uncle Buzzy, Donna, Betty, Zane, Dave, Steve, Spouses, and grandkids were all in attendance.

We had such a great time. The party room was really nice and was the perfect size for the group. Thanks to Dave and Tracie for putting this together.

Karen and I were glad to make sure Donna made it to the party. She is riding the train back home on Sunday so that she would have time for a nice visit.

Dad seemed to have a great time. There were lots of stories about when he and his siblings were young and the stuff they got into made for some really great laughs.

Happy Birthday Dad

Get Smart, Smartly Done

Karen and I went to see Get Smart at the AMC 24 in Hamliton. The movie was pretty good. I thought that it was pretty well done, it did not overyly try to make the same as the original TV show. We enjoyed the show and lunch at Uno’s.

It was a great Saturday to be with my beloved darling.

New Entryway Looks Grand

Yesterday we had the new entry door and storm door installed. They look wonderful and I am thankful that work and seal tightly.

Today we are painting the door to make sure we are compliant with the condo association bylaws.

We thank God for taking such care of us and helping us to have a great home.

God Bless Everyone and Happy Father’s Day!!!!!