Kitchen Remodel 2001

Thanks to CDR Construction, Jackson NJ. 732-886-6764 for the wonderful job!!

Here are pictures of our kitchen that has served us for the past 13 years. The refrigerator and the stove were on their last legs but the dishwasher and the microwave are only a few years old and in great shape.


With the kitchen remodeling only a few days away, we had to move all the kitchen stuff into the living room.

The new stove wrapped for safety.


After taking the wallpaper off the walls…. Lots of paint came off with the wallpaper J

The stove unwrapped J

One last view of the living room ….


The New Kitchen … A work in Progress …..

Finally … A new and improved kitchen takes shape….

The beautiful tile job around the cut out to the living room…..

And also behind the stove….

A close up of the crown moldings with the rope accent….

A close up of the Pergo flooring and the moldings around the floor…

Finally at about 6pm on Saturday we have everything back into place and have tossed out a lot of extra stuff that we did not need or have not used in a really long time.


At last, we get to sit back and enjoy the beautiful new kitchen…. Of course now we will have to update the dining room to make it nicer and more appealing…. Come back for new pictures soon as we continue our remodeling adventure….