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Hi and welcome to my Daily Diary. Here is where I will be posting interesting things that I have been doing and also cool pictures of the places that I have been.

July '98

Attended a Fourth of July BBQ at Paul & Julie's and then saw through the rain a spectacular fireworks show in Beach Wood. For a small town they had almost a half an hour of bright, colorful, and loud fireworks. I recommend it as a place to be to see the fireworks show. It is off of Route 9 on the beach area of the Toms River.
Attended the birthday party of my friend Andy. He turned 29 the lucky bum. Here is a picture of the whole crew at Medieval Times in Lyndhurst NJ.
Click here to see Andy's web page.

August '98

Moved into my new office building at work. Now the whole group is all in one place.
Had Andy & Jackie, Paul & Julie, up for dinner. Got to see Julie's ring (Paul proposed and Julie accepted). Toasted the happy couple with Blueberry Champagne from a winery that they went to in South Jersey by Stockton College.
Went to Las Vegas, Nevada with my loving wife, her sister Barb, her brother-in-law Kevin, and their daughter Brooke. We spent the week at the Flamingo Hilton right on the strip. We had a really nice time. We learned to shoot craps and Karen did well. We were impressed with Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. The Grand Canyon however was breathtakingly spectacular. We went to the Grand Canyon on Guaranteed Tours and had a wonderful time. We took the West Rim tour and it was magnificent. We would highly recommend the tour company and the West Rim Grand Canyon tour. Another great stop was the Las Vegas Hilton and the Star Trek Experience. For all of you Trek Fans... It was a great place to go and hang on the bridge with Worf......

September '98

Went to a BBQ at my nephew's and had a nice time catching up with family and friends in South Jersey.
Had a quiet celebration of my loving wife Karen's birthday. She may be getting a tad older however she just keeps on looking younger each year.

October '98

Welcomed Halloween a tad early with a visit to Howell Living History Farms in Mercer County, NJ. Walking by the light of the full moon we had to find our way out of a huge maze cut out of a three acre corn field, in the shape of a fiddle. Mindy and Ian, Jackie and Andy, and Karen and I had the most enjoyable of times.
Spent a delightful week in the Pennsylvania Mountains relaxing at our Condo and later visiting our families in south central PA.
Celebrated my Birthday with our friends at Fritzies, a really nice German restaurant in Howell, NJ.
Halloween was awesome. Andy & Jackie hosted the party this year. We had a great time watching all the children dressed in their finery.

November '98

Thanksgiving was spent in the greater Washington DC area visiting with our dear friends Sami and Lou. A home-made turkey dinner, with ALL the trimmings, was the highlight of the weekend. We took advantage of the visit to celebrate Christmas just a bit early. Their children are such joys and they touch our hearts with every visit.

December '98

'Twas a busy month for us. Work became even more urgent than usual. Karen's place of business is under new ownership and changes and improvements are much wished for.
Doctor Scott A. Weiss, Ph.D. entered the Texas atmosphere, head held proudly, with his newly obtained Doctorate in hand. He has been chasing this rainbow ever since I have known him and we are so proud of his accomplishment. Wife Renu, 3rd year Med-School, provided strength and support, and still managed to be a good mom and an excellent student. Now if only we could get them to visit ..........
Celebrated the Christmas Season with our dear friends by having them up for dinner and then a wonderful Limo rideup to the Garden State Arts Center for the celebration of lights, whichwas a masterful display of animated light displays to bring out the childin all of us. The light show included displays for the 12 Days of Christmas,Marching Soldiers, Santa's Snacks, the reindeer, music themes, etc. Afterthat delightful exhibition we then continued our night out on the townby directing the driver to point the car towards Manhattan. The city wasall aglow with the lights and festivities of the season. Fifth Avenue wasa winter wonderland and the store windows were just magnificent. The driverpointed out the sights around the motor route. Perhaps my favorite is still the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center.
Karen received her 10 year anniversary gift at the annual Christmas party thrown by the old and new owners at HCC, LLC. It was a lovely 18k gold 'dog tag' with her initials embossed on the front. As you can tell, everyone had a really nice time at the Christmas Party.

Of course there are no guarantees that this will be updated on a daily basis... Monthly will be more like it. Today's update is as of April 23, 2000.

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